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Historical Home Preservation Groups in San Diego

Here are some prominent groups that were active in historical home preservation in San Diego:

  1. Save Our Heritage Organisation (SOHO): SOHO is one of the leading preservation organizations in San Diego, dedicated to preserving the architectural, cultural, and historical resources of the region. They advocate for the protection of historical homes and buildings through educational programs, advocacy efforts, and community outreach.

  1. San Diego Historical Society: The San Diego Historical Society, now known as the San Diego History Center, is committed to collecting, preserving, and sharing the history of the San Diego region. They work on documenting historical homes and properties and provide valuable resources for researchers and history enthusiasts.

  1. Gaslamp Quarter Historical Foundation: Focused on preserving and promoting the historic Gaslamp Quarter in downtown San Diego, this organization plays a significant role in safeguarding historical homes, buildings, and landmarks within this iconic district.

  1. La Jolla Historical Society: While mainly dedicated to preserving the history of the La Jolla area, this society also has an interest in historical architecture and homes, working to protect significant properties in the region.

  1. Mission Hills Heritage: Mission Hills Heritage is dedicated to preserving and promoting the historical and architectural heritage of the Mission Hills neighborhood in San Diego. They actively advocate for the protection of historical homes and buildings in the area.

  1. North Park Historical Society: Focusing on the North Park neighborhood, this organization is committed to preserving its historical character, including historical homes and buildings.

These organizations are valuable resources for homeowners, history enthusiasts, and anyone interested in preserving the historical charm and significance of San Diego's architectural heritage. If you are looking to get involved or learn more about historical homes in San Diego, consider reaching out to these groups for information, events, and volunteering opportunities.

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